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Moj secure e-commerce started its activities in 2016. With emphasis on creativity, innovation and effort, Moj was recognized as a knowledge-based company by the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency in its first year of activity.
Video platform

Video platform

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Data analytics & Artificial intelligence

Data analytics & Artificial intelligence

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Our Products

Algorithmic trading platform for Tehran stock exchange

Algorithmic trading platform for Tehran stock exchange

The intelligent algorithmic trading platform provides tools to analyzing, deciding, and trading in stock exchanges.

  • Collecting Market data from the domestic and international data sources
  • Last trades information
  • Analysis and decision making
  • Auto trading
Social media analytics

Social media analytics

By collecting social networks data and analyzing them, the system can provide a variety of intelligent tools for market research units, opinion mining, advertisements and other similar units in each organization.

  • gathering posts and comments of users from social networks
  • analyzing posts and comments of users
  • Representing analysis results in customized view
360 degree video platform

360 degree videos’ player platform

“Divar360” project has launched as the first comprehensive video platform in the field of virtual reality. This project is the first and dominant system which could render a 360 degrees video from the estates to the end-user. Playing videos in highest quality (4K) is one of the brilliant features of this platform. Some of the major feature of divar360 includes:

  • Playing 360 degrees videos
  • Dedicated 4K video streamer
  • Dedicated Video Encoder
  • Adaptive video bit-rate according to user’s Internet speed
  • Automatic quality detection according to user’s phone type
  • Time-tag support on the player
  • Content sorting and filtering support

Contact Us

Contact Us

Unit 2, No 3, Zohreh alley, Teymoori Street, Habibollah Street, Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 (21) 86043270
Email: info@amnmoj.com